So, how are you feeling today, are you good? Good? What does being good mean to you? Well, I'd say to be in a state that is not consumed by the desire of acquiring immediate needs. Well in that case, then I'm good, thanks for asking. What would being good mean to you? If sunsets and pianos did not exist, I'd answer you by saying I don't know. In this case, goodness seems to favor me on most days. What is the point of all this anyway? Well, it is healthy to unpack, have someone to talk to, let loose on most stresses that consume our minds. 

I hate losing. Loss is devastating. It spews the expression of deep rage, straight out the core of heart. I can't take it. This hatred bullies my soul, sparking the feeling of everlasting resentment. This hatred overcame my spirit, forcing me into a dark room without a point of entry and exit. It left me hungry, eating whatever my eyes could find, I took bites only to realize that it was pieces of me being detached. This hatred left me running in the cold with no destination in mind. My bones freeze up as my body temperature fails to evict the frost that resides on my skin. This hatred left a gunshot wound in my heart. Struggling, gasping, fighting for my life. Fear slowly makes its way to me, watching me take my last breath. I look over, just to get the last sight of him. Hold on... I looked over to get the last sight of him?

Why would you assume I have stresses consuming my mind? Well who doesn't? We are human you know, everyone is forced to go through the ups and downs of life, and that comes with all sorts of stress you know? Tch... I'm alive doctor, I'm alive. With all that I've been through, do you truly think that the little stresses that life brings will place me in the state of discomfort? Come on. I'm alive.


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