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*To be posted on 25/04/2024 Sunday. December. Summer time. We outside. I have been preparing this summer body for a month or two, you best believe I am not going hide a single second of this hardworking, handsome looking man called Benjamin. I am truly him. I can't lie though, I'm actually quite nervous. I am performing later on tonight, playing the piano for my brother. Look man, I know that I ain't no Bruce Hornsby on the keys, I am not trying to be, I just want to get through the night without any errors. Lord knows how embarrassing it will be if I mess up my brother's whole performance. Infront of all these fiiiiiine women? Please God, no. Eitherway, there is no turning back, I am here no, just gotta hope for the best. Regardless, without that in mind, I am genuinely having a great time. I'm seeing a lot of people I used to know, and they are seeing me. I'm like day and night compared to my former self, now I got that swagger to me. Maybe I should stunt on t


"- Even though you share the same blood is it worth the time? Like who got your best interest? Like how much are you dependent? How clutch are the people that say they love you? And who pretending? How tough is your skin when they turn you in? Do you show forgiveness? What brush do you bend when dusting your shoulders from being offended? What kind of den did they put you in when the lions start hissing? What kind of bridge did they burn? Revenge or your mind when it's mentioned?" Yes (No) No (Yes) N/A