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Punctuality is Cruel

Life is the most punctual bus driver this world can ever witness. His punctuality is cruel, his nature is vile, crude but fair. He shows no pity, no sympathy can be found in the fire that burns in his heart. He leaves a trail of shock, sadness, impatience and disappointment whenever he drives past. But he is fair. He does not care if you have been waiting for him for as long as you desired to, he comes at a specific time. Your patience does not affect his work, time is time, it is not subject to change. He does not wait a single second after his appointed time. Him seeing you run after his bus from his rear view mirror, does not influence the speed of which he takes off. He is as heartless as it can get, but he is fair. I've missed the bus many times in this beautiful life that was gifted to me, the same way I've waited for eons for this bus to arrive. The bus driver simply does not care. Today I missed this bus because I closed my eyes for too long while patiently waiting for