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A Poem by Benjamin Raphael (Part 2)

25 Yes. Your presence rests in this heart of mine. Sometimes it feels as if you are doing the heart too much of a favor. The warm embrace filled with love and grace, the heart sinks when the eyes blesses him with a picture of your face. Fears dissolved, logic lost, this heart craves you. A war erupts between the mind but then the heart saves you. It stays true to the words that the mouth forbids to utter. To find a blessing with this impact? Will never locate another. But when I... I thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to lay these eyes on you. The first time it happened the eyes couldn't believe it, certainly a dream come true. The eyes knew that it was witnessing something special, the stare followed. The world around and all the sounds were immediately swallowed. But when I... I need to get back to reality, that's what this mind says to me. Yes she is all that, but never lose respect for me. I was there when that same heart turned sour on you. Me. You looked aroun