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When it comes to ignorance, there comes a time where you have to choose to either teach people out of their ignorance, or exploit the fact that they are ignorant. A young man chooses the former, a wise man chooses the latter. How many times does a person with two functional eyes have to fall into a ditch for you to stop feeling sorry for them? There are limits to everything, even pity. Wait... Galatians 6:9.... That wise man?


u. I love u. I feel safe around u knowing that my insecurities will be sheltered. I am comforted by your ability to place yourself from the pedestal everyone places u on, back down to Earth. U are somebody that can dwell among the sinners and winners that's what I appreciate about u. I know that u know your worth, that u recognize your greatness, but u don't find it necessary to display. I know u dismiss praise like it does not matter. I know that u don't seek to be the king among peasants. U are an example of what humility is.  I feel safe around u knowing that my insecurities won't come to light. I know u prioritize lowering yourself because u can not stand the spotlight; u can not stand being the center of attention. U are somebody that does not want to be seen in a bad light. U are somebody that changes depending on who u are with; u lower yourself among sinners and exalt yourself to fit in with the winners. U recognize your greatness, u know your worth, u just neve

A Poem by Benjamin Raphael (Part 1)

These eyes and this memory have a strange relationship and by that I mean, sometimes they make an effort to meet each other half way, other times they don't operate with the same goal in mind, but this time they do. This mind remembers you. The eyes did him a favor which it normally wouldn't do. The mind was wondering what the eyes were telling him, the mind then shifted to question if it was imagining. It was a blessing to both of them. The mind gave birth to hope again... (sigh) A queen....  I don't know if you know this but the eyes noticed the brown skin being a striking element adding to the beauty that God intentionally drew. The eyes immediately knew it was seeing something special. Specific style, you had that thing too... a classy element, and that smile told the eyes that you were heaven sent. The aura that you carried was heavy, the eyes immediately processed that the character in front of him was very powerful. The hour will come when it becomes a reality, becau