A Poem by Benjamin Raphael (Part 3)

You were born to disappoint me. Your birth was a conspiracy to attack my soul. Your existence is a plague to my heart, the murderer of my nature, the proof of the devil's successes. What hurts me the most is that you did not even try, you did not put in the effort. Your fate was written in the stars, a stamp of damnation. You are a disgrace of a human, I can not stand the venom that disguises itself as words that leave your mouth, leaving a trail of despair. A fallen angel would appear more graceful, but you were an angel that was born on the ground. You are weak, so weak that you will never get up. Never, ever...

I should have recognized your flaws from the moment I set these eyes on you...

The mind was wondering what the eyes were telling him, the mind then shifted to question if it was imagining. It was a blessing to both of them. The mind gave birth to hope again... (sigh) 

Here we go again... Insanity.


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