The Prince

 "One day soon, I need to embrace that I'm meant to cross over to the lion's den... & eat everyone coz that's my purpose. Trying to wake-up people who prefer submission, servitude & exploitation... is my mental illness..."

- Penuel the Black Pen

There is a game called life where everybody is a participant. Some do better than others, some exceptionally fail and others prosper in every sense of the word. There are rules to this game that participants slowly pick up as they progress. Some of the rules are standard and unchangeable, then there are the unwritten rules that participants subconsciously recognize but don't pay much attention to. This is a game that you are forced to play. Your lack of participation shouldn't be mistaken for a pause button, you lose in the first phase of sleep but you play until you die. Leverage lies within the recognition of the unconscious. But it comes at a price... your soul.

Benjamin, since you are playing this game, why don't you just play to win?

Oh well.


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