Confidence or Arrogance?

Michael Jordan: B. Scott whats going on?

B. Scott: Whats up MJ.

Michael Jordan: I hear you not playing tonight?

B. Scott: No I sprained my ankle.

Michael Jordan: Who's guarding me?

B. Scott: Anthony Peeler.

Michael Jordan: oh (chuckles) 50.

Michael Jordan ended up with 54 points that night.

Confidence or Arrogance? There is a thin line between the two that we normally fail to address. One thing we can agree on is that to be a consistent winner, confidence has to play a large role in your quest for victory. Confidence creates winners. It is self-belief that is the fuel adding to skill, creating a fire that can not be stopped. However, what is it that separates the Michael Jordans of the world to the rest of their competitors? What is that extra push that makes MJ, MJ? Does the balance of self confidence need to be pushed over to arrogance? That deep belief that you are better than anybody competing against you? You see, the thin line that people never address is what separates the good from the great. Your mind has to fully accept that you are capable of being the greatest human, better than those infront of you. MJ accepted that in every part of history, there was nobody better than him. He also accepted that nobody at the time could successfully dethrone him. If he did not believe to that extent, would his competitive nature that led him to being an all-time be at that level? But with that in mind, is it arrogance or confidence, and is it good?


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