Is Hope Good?

Since last year I've been having internal battles that from time has found its way into my day to day activities. On many occasions they have succeeded in spoiling my good days, in other cases they have had an instant impact improving my moods. It only depends on how you look at it. But there is this question; is hope good? 

"We have created our myth. The myth is a faith, a passion. It is not necessary for it to be a reality. It is a reality in the sense that it is a stimulus, is hope, is faith, is courage." - Benito Mussolini.

There are different ways of translating what Mussolini meant by this. With quite obvious historic reasons, most translations are far from a good thing. I came to the same conclusion as the rest of the translators; I took this quote like a dagger to my heart. I describe it as an illusion, this illusion gives us a euphoric feeling, it dances with our imagination and toasts with our genuine desires of wanting to experience goodness to the core definition of the word. You see there is a problem with this; the problem being this illusion does not require reality to be part of its journey. Logic gets thrown out the window once reality is replaced with these blissful illusions. It requires you to fight against gravity and tells you that you can fly. It grants you imaginary wings that help you glide through the realities of this Earth that force you down to the ground. Sadly, no matter how blissful your imagination is, it is not enough to fight against the law that what goes up must come down and when you hit the ground, it wont be as beautiful. 

My battle came from this thought, is hope then a good thing? A part of me wants to accuse the word of being a liar and a deceiver, the other part of me wants to give it credit for being with me during my darkest days, assuring me that everything will be okay no matter how bad it looks. 

Hope. Hope? 


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