*To be posted on 25/04/2024



Summer time.

We outside.

I have been preparing this summer body for a month or two, you best believe I am not going hide a single second of this hardworking, handsome looking man called Benjamin. I am truly him. I can't lie though, I'm actually quite nervous. I am performing later on tonight, playing the piano for my brother. Look man, I know that I ain't no Bruce Hornsby on the keys, I am not trying to be, I just want to get through the night without any errors. Lord knows how embarrassing it will be if I mess up my brother's whole performance. Infront of all these fiiiiiine women? Please God, no.

Eitherway, there is no turning back, I am here no, just gotta hope for the best. Regardless, without that in mind, I am genuinely having a great time. I'm seeing a lot of people I used to know, and they are seeing me. I'm like day and night compared to my former self, now I got that swagger to me. Maybe I should stunt on these cats. Nah, that's beneath me. So, I'm not gonna drink before my performance, it's unprofessional (I don't have money for it anyway) and I wanna look composed on stage.

I'm taking pictures with my family, we having a great time. The music is good, the sunset is looking gorgeous, my charisma is showing up today, listen man... I am him. But the time to perform is around the corner now. My brother calls me to help him set up so we can kick it as we jump on stage when time hits. As I'm walking (looking fly as hell), I look around at these people and you catch my eye. Damn. I have seen those around you, I know those around you, but who are you? You must be one of those rich kids that never leave the house huh? Because I would expect myself to know you. There's this thing I cannot explain, you seem pure, like you haven't been around like that, like you are not from here at all. You have this beautiful innocent smile, you do look young as hell though. Anyway, I jump on stage and help my brother set up and... but no man, who are you?

Darkness fades in, the night has begun, we are about to go on stage for our set. It's in about 10 minutes. You were seated close to the stage along with some people I know. If I let you go now, you might crawl back into your cave, never to be seen again. It's my night, my show, I'm looking good, why the heck not? I walk near where you are seated, infact, I walk and stand right behind you. I speak to my dawg that is part of your squad. This kid is like 5 years younger than me but his beard is showing out, these kids hey. Arg man too many distractions, I'm about the go on for my set. You know what? Let me leave it. There's always someone else, I'm Benjamin Raphael after all.


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